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Sexy sexy lingerie chemise Lingerie Campaign Demonstrates The Right Way To Be Inclusive

In the ongoing move super sexy lingeries toward a more inclusive fashion industry, not every brand is getting it right. Lonely Label, the body-positive lingerie company of our dreams, however, is nailing it. 

Its newest ad is inclusive not wholesale Plus Size Lingerie by acknowledging the number of women over a certain size involved, but simply by featuring nine beautifully diverse women of different ages, body types and skin colors ― entities that the brand’s designer and founder said in a statement are “the differences that make us who we are.”

Lonely LabelLonely has been celebrating diversity body shaping lingerie since 2009. Just recently in August, it debuted a stunning, un-retouched image of Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke as part of its Lonely Girls Project. 

In keeping its photos un-retouched and recruiting many different women to star in its projects, the brand hopes to inspire women to feel good in the skin they’re in. Stylist Zara Mirkin, who worked the shoot, explained in a statement: “I just want women to accept who they are and appreciate what they bring to this world and very importantly be proud of what they look like – any size or skin color.”


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